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Pickle Ball

The newest game in town!  Pickleball is a racquet sport which combines the elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis.  The game is played with a hard paddle and a polymer wiffle ball. Pickleball is very similar to tennis with a few key differences that make the game more accessible to a wider range of participants, particularly seniors and students.  The size of the pickleball court is less than one-third of a tennis court and the ball movers one-third the average speed of a tennis ball.  The smaller court combined with the slower moving ball makes pickleball a much easier game to learn and play than tennis.

Six pickleball courts were added at the O'Leary Park complex. Give pickleball a try, it may become you favorite new form of summer exercise and fun.

O'Leary Park Pickleball Courts

Newly resurfaced in 2021! 
We now house a total of 8 courts! 
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